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It's not if, but when

This is a truly scary list: work stoppages, oil and gas industry issues, environmental spills, industrial accidents, plant closings and staff reductions, violence in the workplace, on-site criminal acts, white collar crime, online data breach resulting in massive credit card interdiction, product recalls, food contamination, activist protests and attacks, labor disputes and work stoppages, environmental spills and clean-ups…and you say, “This can’t happen to me.” Well, it can, and we’ve dealt with every one of these situations. That’s why crisis preparedness and the ability to manage a crisis are so important. That’s where Webb Strategic fits in.

24/7 On-Call Response Management

Webb Strategic Communications, with credentials from FEMA, is ready at a moment’s notice. A crisis can take many forms. Webb’s network of experienced professionals in the U.S. and Canada, and intense specialized training is on-call around the clock to create strategic support and prevent reputational harm during a variety of crisis situations. Webb will be with you each step of the way including:

  • Immediate response
  • On-site management
  • Traditional/Social Media management
  • Recovery

Preparedness = Planning and Strategy

Performance and management of a crisis can result in business success, or doom. That’s why corporations, law firms and government agencies have turned to Webb Strategic Communications for planning, preparation, training and crisis response. From crisis preparedness manuals, to crisis audits and tabletop training exercises and on-site simulations, Webb Strategic Communications has assisted local, regional and national organizations in a variety of industries.

See samples of our Crisis Management work here.