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Nicotiana tabacum. Tobacco.

It’s a plant. Like other plants it possesses no verbal ability. But if it did it would tell you that it’s the number one cause of preventable death in Colorado. It would tell you it becomes products that contain 250 poisons. After all, as one of the most addictive substances on the planet, it really doesn’t need to lie.

That’s the gist of ‘I Am Tobacco,’ a media campaign developed by Webb on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to promote, the state’s leading resource for tobacco facts, prevention, and cessation information.

In the campaign’s second full year of implementation, I Am Tobacco took on a new look. Driven entirely by copy, the creative put the facts at the forefront, utilizing “smoking” and “spit-stained” headlines to communicate the truth about tobacco use.

The creative was used in a variety of ads including TV, radio (where it become a haunting voice), online, place-based (e.g. on top of gas pumps), and on public transit.

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