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Perhaps the only thing worse than being pulled over for driving impaired is to be pulled over for driving impaired while in costume. That was the premise of online videos Webb developed for the Persistent Drunk Driver (PDD) Committee, comprised of the Departments of Human Services, Revenue, Transportation, and Colorado’s Judicial Branch.

Webb worked with the Colorado State Patrol to record two roadside sobriety tests: one involving a banana, and the other an ostrich-riding centurion (yeah, we got weird with it). The videos were then distributed via social media by State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies prior to Halloween weekend. In a two-day period the videos were viewed hundreds of times and one even showed up on an evening newscast in Denver.

Additionally, designated driver-themed, last-minute costume ideas were also created and posted on the PDD Committee’s website. Multiple haunted houses throughout the Denver metro also participated by including links to on their websites.

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