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The answer to a problem isn’t always an old, broken down VW bug, but for a program led by Webb on behalf of Colorado’s Persistent Drunk Driver Committee- a Bug nicknamed “The Statmobile” was the key to engaging students at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs about impaired driving prevention.

Webb worked with creative partner Creative Basecamp to develop a nostalgic campaign that was selected by a panel of 20 UCCS students. The creative featured a series of vintage vehicles overlaid with norming statistics based on self-reported on drug and alcohol use by UCCS students.

Turning the idea of a campaign mascot on its ear, Webb found a new way to connect with students. Webb facilitated the purchase, titling, and wrap of an old VW Bug. The Statmobile became the focal point of monthly outreach events which provided the Office of the Dean of Students one-on-one time to discuss impaired driving prevention with students.

By its first year, The Statmobile had become a fixture on campus. Students can easily recall the statistics featured on the car and recognize the campaign whenever they see it.

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